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First time bondage for Claudia

Posted on September 28th, 2010

Claudia is too cute to put into leather bondage. She is such a sweet girl we almost feel sorry for her… Almost. Claudia is a little scared by all the locking leather restraints, but she holds up very well. So we take it quite a few steps further: a harsh elbow tie and a pink ballgag are added (on screen gagging in the video). It turns out Claudia is a real bondage talent! She may look scared, but she is actually very devious, managing somehow to escape from some of her restraints… but not the important ones. Next time we will have to tie her up real good, she is a struggler!

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Bella in locking leather mitts, red ballgag, and locking straps

Posted on September 21st, 2010

Poor Bella does not like being gagged. She gets angry so easily… She doesn’t like getting strapped and locked either. Or collared. There is just no pleasing her, she will keep struggling and prying the locks with her fingers, or unbuckling her ballgag. But we found a solution: a pair of locking leather mitts! That will stop our struggling bondage babe from escaping! The only problem is… now she is even more angry! Oh well, there’s not much she can do about it!

79 pictures and a 4:12 minutes HD video clip!

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Lizzie frogtied

Posted on September 14th, 2010

Beautiful Lizzie is perfect. Her body, breasts, ass, face, feet, you name it… she’s soft, she’s round, she’s cute… And she is locked in leather! Locked in a leather collar and breast belted, our popular slave girl soon realises the collar will not be the only thing that will be locked on today! Her wrists are soon tied to her upper arms with sturdy leather belts. Her ankles are strapped to her thighs and padlocks are everywhere! This position is called a frogtie, but you knew that already, of course! Lizzie didn’t know that, and she doesn’t care either, she just wants to escape!

68 pictures and a 5:10 minutes HD video clip!

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Mei-Li in a leather bondage hogtie

Posted on September 7th, 2010

Asian model Mei-Li is new to bondage, but we decided not to go easy on her. She looks tough enough to handle our belts and cuffs. We tightly gag her using a cute white ballgag, and we lock some extra wide cuffs on her wrists using double padlocks. A pair of suspension ankle cuffs make great hogtie tools, but they do have one big flaw: they don’t lock! Will our cunning leather slave Mei-Li realise this? Will she be able to get out of this classic position?

71 pictures and a 4:23 minutes HD video clip!

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