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Tanya strapped down tight

Posted on November 30th, 2010

Another new girl? Yep, we love to convert glamour models to bondage models! It’s not that the girls do not want to come back to, it’s just that we get many applications and we want to give all girls a chance at being in leather bondage! Tanya is a nice and sexy girl with huge eyes and a perfect gag mouth. She is a natural submissive, so it did not take much effort to get some good slave poses out of her. Some tight locking straps, a big collar, and a shiny ballgag make a perfect slave out of this beauty! Have a look at the video, we take her gag out at the end, she is so tired from struggling the creaking leather bondage!

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Laetitita in spreader bars and thick leather collar

Posted on November 23rd, 2010

This girl is sooo cute! Pocket-sized Laetitia visited us and she really wanted to have some fun in leather cuffs and a collar! Who are we to deny this cheerful girl some play time! Laetitia is full of energy, and very creative. Whatever position we put her in, you just see her mind racing, thinking how to make her poses more interesting. A little smile appears on her face when she has figured it out, and she bends in incredible ways to show off her skills. It’s all a little mischievous, a little naughty. Laetitia will sure be a member favorite! Any requests or challenges for this new bondage girl?

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Leyla gagged for the first time

Posted on November 16th, 2010

Our new model Leyla is completely new to bondage, like most of our glamour models. That’s what we do here at BeltBound, trying to convince models who would have never thought they would do a bondage shoot. Like all girls, Leyla was curious about leather bondage, and we quickly had her locked in a chastity belt, a tiny padlock dangling between her legs. We added a broad kneeling strap and a pair of locking bondage gloves to make her helpless. Amazingly, Leyla was turned on by all this and tried licking her own big breasts. So there was only one thing we could do: add a tight red ballgag. Leyla did not even know what it was until it was in her mouth! Beautiful!

92 pictures and a 4:19 minutes HD video clip!

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Claudia locked in spreader bars

Posted on November 9th, 2010

Last time we had beautiful red head Claudia strapped down, she almost escaped. So let’s use a huge amount of padlocks this time to prevent this from happening again. Locked posture collar, locked wrist cuffs, locked ankle cuffs. Tight ballgag… locked of course. Still not enough… let’s padlock her wrists and ankles to two big spreader bars. That is more like it! In the video clip, you will see some great on screen gagging and gag locking, then we give Claudia some keys, but she does not know they are only the keys to the spreader bar locks. She will find out after working very hard to unlock those bars…

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Jenni in leather corset, posture collar, and tight belt bondage

Posted on November 2nd, 2010

The one and only Jenni C! She knows what she wants. So we were surprised she wanted to be on our website, and she wanted to be belted down ‘as tight as possible’. She is such a fun loving girl, it is great to put her in bondage and watch her struggle! Jenni has lots of energy, which is great for bondage struggling, even when the belts are as cruelly tight as they were on her. And remember, struggling in a leather corset and posture collar is not easy! We locked everything we could, so this energetic girl would not escape, double locks on her collar, locked frogtie belts, locked elbow and wrist belts. But when Jenni was struggling on her stomach, we had to replace the tight posture collar to prevent a total Jenni blackout. See? We care for our models!

76 pictures and a 4:19 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip