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Vanessa frogtied in chastity belt and ring gagged

Posted on March 27th, 2012

We think Vanessa needs a chastity belt! She is way too hot, so she needs to cool down a little. Of course, it does not seem to work. Even a heavy leather collar and locking her wrists behind her back still makes Vanessa smile. We frogtie her legs, strapping her ankles to her thighs, with leather locking straps. For a moment, Vanessa is angry, because she can not stand up, but soon her huge smile returns. There is only one thing we can do to stop her from smiling: we have to strap her pretty face with a tight leather ring gag. Now we made her angry! Vanessa finally starts struggling wildly, she is really mad!

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Inga is not happy in the leather armbinder

Posted on March 20th, 2012

Cute Inga is overwhelmed by the leather armbinder. She never had her arms in this position, shoulders and elbows together behind her back, and it clearly frightens her. She looks at us, not at all sure what she is supposed to do. A thick leather collar looks huge on her tiny neck. She tries to struggle a little bit, but she decides her situation hopeless. All she can do is wait, and stare with those big brown eyes. Her shoulders hurt, but she patiently waits for her release. Surely someone will release her eventually?

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Marloes locked in a huge tight posture collar

Posted on March 13th, 2012

It’s amazing how submissive some pet slaves get when they are collared. And with this specific collar, the effect is even stronger. Hair up, Marloes is strapped into the huge posture collar very tightly. She has a beautiful long neck and she just looks stunning in this collar! We add an arm bag to lock her arms behind her back and make her stand around in her high heels. Soon, Marloes is not talking anymore, her movements become slow and her breathing is controlled. She kneels down and looks at us. She is ready for anything…

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Melissa harness gagged!

Posted on March 6th, 2012

Beautiful Melissa is standing tall in her thigh high latex boots! We elbow cuff her and then we cuff her wrists, so she can not stretch her arms. She keeps her arms neatly folded behind her back, like a good slave should. Melissa is pretty well trained by now, but she needs some gag practise. She has a small mouth, but we manage to strap a nice red harness ballgag onto her head, a stunning sight! Like with most pet slaves, a harness ballgag instantly makes Melissa very obedient, as if she suddenly realises she is powerless. Blinking her eyes towards the camera, Melissa can only wait until we decide her gag training is over.
On-screen gagging in the video!!

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