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Cory Spice ballgagged in a leather armbinder

Posted on June 26th, 2012

We love the way little Cory Spice looks in a thick leather collar. It looks huge on her, and it makes her instantly submissive. When she kneels down, collared, looking up with those curious eyes, big boobs heaving, waiting to obey… wow, it is just so much fun to train Cory Spice! Today, we strap her into an armbinder so you can get a good look at her assets. It was a very hot day in the studio, so Cory did not really appreciate the beautiful pink ballgag as much as she should have. Breathing heavily, Cory tries to struggle, but there is not much she can do!

82 pictures and a 3:10 minutes HD video clip (on screen gagging)!

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Tracy versus the leather mitts

Posted on June 19th, 2012

We continue with Tracy’s training. She looks stunning in the leather body harness and small posture collar, but we want to add a challenge: we lock her hands in a pair of leather mitts! Tracy thinks this is very annoying, she tries to get them off, even using her teeth, but they are locked, so there is no chance. Then, when we add straps to restrain her arms in the butterfly position, Tracy gets really frustrated! All she can do is flap her arms, like a poor little bird, with at least one hour to go before release…

88 pictures and a 3:09 minutes HD video clip!

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Ingrid in leather chastity belt and arm bag

Posted on June 12th, 2012

We tamed the giantess! Blonde Ingrid is by far the tallest model we know. In her heels, she easily reaches 2 meters in height. It gives her a dominant attitude, and the first thing she grabs is a riding crop to give us some menacing poses. But we have other things in mind for Ingrid. We lock her into a leather chastity belt and an arm bag, so this tall pet will be taught a lesson in submission. Unfortunately, Ingrid will not let herself be humiliated, and she does not feel comfortable topless when she can not use her hands to protect herself. So she starts struggling hard! Ingrid definitely wants to get out, but she is not going anywhere…

87 pictures and a 4:22 minutes HD video clip!

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Kayla’s armbinder escape

Posted on June 5th, 2012

We have a new girl AND a new armbinder. So this is a completely untested situation, we don’t know if the girl is a struggler / escape artist, and we don’t know if the armbinder is any good. We should have known better, Kayla is a very tiny girl, and a serious struggler. It takes more than an armbinder to keep her down. We strapped her in really tight, and we ring gagged her pretty face so we could enjoy her moaning, but after a fierce exhausting struggle, Kayla still was this afternoon’s winner. Next time she will definitely not escape!

96 pictures and a 4:21 minutes HD video clip!

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