Tess Lyndon strapped in leather straitjacket

Posted on June 25th, 2013

This super cute girl was one of our greatest bondage discoveries back in March! She loves this! And now she is back to be strapped in our custom made (extra small) leather straitjacket! Of course, we add a nice shiny red ballgag since she was not gagged last time and she needs it for her training! With a lot more time in bondage, and some strict training methods, Tess Lyndon could become the most perfect bondage pet slave ever!

84 pictures and a 4:03 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb155.zip and video clip bb155avi.zip

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Sarah Jain goes wild in a black armbinder

Posted on June 18th, 2013

Super fit Sarah Jain said she was up for a struggling challenge! Well, she didn’t lie… after we strapped her arms behind her back in a black armbinder, she went all out on trying to escape! Some epic struggling there! And also some epic cursing, so we had to ballgag her tightly to prevent the neighbours from calling the police on us. We love this girl! Great body, high energy, takes ballgags without problems, and will put up a super struggle! She even scared us a little, so we just left her in bondage longer, hoping she would calm down….

110 pictures and a 4:03 HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb154.zip and video clip bb154avi.zip

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Tyra in the ballet boots challenge!

Posted on June 11th, 2013

Ah it is one of our most boobalicious pet slaves again! Today, Tyra will take on the ballet boot challenge! In gorgeous white restraints (a tall leather posture collar and locked wrist cuffs), she is trying to stand up in ballet boots for the first time in her life! As it turns out, she is a talented ballet boot walker, able to stand up and strut around a little on her first try. Yes, it does hurt her toes, but Tyra is tough and she keeps practising. We all know that ballet boot skills can only be acquired by lots of practise. This is not a bad first try! You’ll love this if you are a fan of extreme ballet boots!

111 pictures and a 4:29 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb153.zip and video clip bb153avi.zip

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Ruth strapped and harness gagged

Posted on June 4th, 2013

Venezuelan girl Ruth Medina is really getting into bondage, she is popping up all over the internet on bondage websites. And she should, because she is one of those rare flexible talented girls who think of everything as a challenge. She does not have any problem with tight restraints, so we strap her in and make her wriggle! Elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, all strapped in leather belts, and then a nice posture collar and a harness ballgag! That will keep her occupied for a while! Ruth is having the time of her life, if you ever get the chance to tie her up, don’t miss it! She is one of a kind, and she loves bondage!

111 pictures and a 4:07 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb152.zip and video clip bb152avi.zip

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Flexible Lily frog tied in leather arm splints

Posted on May 28th, 2013

Please welcome the amazing Lily to BeltBound.com! She is one of the most flexible girls we have ever seen! To make her a little less flexible, we secured her arms in leather splints! Then we locked both arms together behind her back, like an armbinder! To make things even a little more crazy, we proceeded to frogtie her legs with leather belts and locking her splints to her ankle cuffs! This is a nice extreme rigid leather hogtie! Great stuff! Thanks Lily, we will be sure to get you over here soon again for our members to enjoy some more flexible bondage!

88 pictures and a 4:07 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb151.zip and video clip bb151avi.zip

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Claudia and Nelly strapped and gagged

Posted on May 21st, 2013

Hmm Claudia and Nelly are a bit hysterical today… time to teach them a lesson. Their slender bodies will look good in lots of leather straps. When we put a strap above their breast and attach their wrists to it, they will feel it pulling down but their boobs are in the way so it can not slide down… or can it? The collared slave girlfriends still want to kiss when they are all tied up, so we quickly gag them with 2 shiny red balls! Unfortunately, they are not getting more serious in strap bondage and ballgags, these girls will have fun no matter what we do to them!

98 pictures and a 4:43 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb150.zip and video clip bb150avi.zip

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Nicole’s armbinder struggle

Posted on May 14th, 2013

Raven haired Nicole is back for some more training. She is kind of curious and also hesitant of what we will do to her this time. We already noticed that she is very flexible in her shoulders and arms, so a night tight leather armbinder would suit her well! Nicole thought she would at least be easier off than last time, but when we still did not let her out after a long photo shoot, she began struggling and moaning a little. It’s not easy at all, having your arms pinned straight behind your back, and we think Nicole finally started to realise that!

90 pictures and a 4:02 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb149.zip and video clip bb149avi.zip

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Dany did not expect this

Posted on May 7th, 2013

A little posing in leather cuffs, that’s what Dany thought she was going to do. But she did not expect to be restrained and locked at the wrists and shoulders! And that wide strap ballgag! That really made her mad! She was ready to storm out of our building… well, until we frogtied her legs. Dany is probably one of the most fiercesome strugglers we have seen, she must really love her freedom! She is almost scary when struggling in bondage, and that is quite an achievement!

89 pictures and a 4:01 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb148.zip and video clip bb148avi.zip

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Bella trying to escape from a leather armbag

Posted on April 30th, 2013

Is it possible to escape from an armbag? The leather contraption is like a box tie armbinder, very snug and secure, as Bella finds out. One of our first models, she keeps coming back for more. Bella is definitely not afraid anymore! We have trained her well, and she now sees the fun in bondage, and she loves a challenge! A perfect booby pet girl, Bella takes on the armbag challenge in a nice leather body harness. Will she be able to escape? Or will she just have to come back next time to try again?

91 pictures and a 4:06 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb147.zip and video clip bb147avi.zip

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Promesita – New bondage talent testing our leather belts and ball gag

Posted on April 23rd, 2013

We love to discover new bondage talent! Especially flexible girls that have never been tied up before! Promesita is one of the girls that just happened to cross our path, she was up for a nice photo and video shoot, and there you go: a new bondage talent is born! She is super flexible, arms go together behind her back without any effort, she is easy to strap in leather belts, and does not mind a nice shiny ballgag! Rolling around, this girl is a real joy to watch, check her out!

94 pictures and a 4:22 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb146.zip and video clip bb146avi.zip

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Jenni C – angel in white leather armbinder and white collar

Posted on April 16th, 2013

All this black leather bondage is very nice, but when Jenni C visited us, we just had to try some new white leather stuff on her! The angelic blonde submissive girl is looking so hot in a huge white posture collar, and a nice white leather armbinder! Like everyone, we love Jenni C, she is one of the most beautiful glamour models around. Not many people know she has a fetish side as well, and a pretty big one at that. Jenni C in white leather, you just have to see it for yourself, very nice pictures and video!

99 pictures and a 4:14 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb145.zip and video clip bb145avi.zip


Tiffany elbow cuffed in a tall leather posture collar

Posted on April 9th, 2013

The lovely Tiffany is tough! She will take a posture collar and elbow cuffing and she will still be smiling! Well, for a little while, that is. Our extreme posture collar does not even have a chin cut-out. It is just a straight tall collar, too tall for many of our models. But there’s nothing she can do about it. Her arms are pinned behind her back by the elbow bondage. And even if she could, the collar is locked onto her with two padlocks!

98 pictures and a 4:04 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb144.zip and video clip bb144avi.zip

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Satin Bloom struggling hard in a leather armbag and tight gag

Posted on April 2nd, 2013

Satin Bloom gets really angry when tied up. So why does she let herself end up in these kinds of situations? And why does she get so angry? She knows we will be afraid to let her out, so being agressive will only keep her strapped in longer. The armbag is a box tie armbinder, very frustrating for the beautiful Satin. But the ballgag… it just enrages her! She is definitely not happy in the video clip, after having been gagged for at least half an hour for the pictures. We think she is trying to tell us something… is it too tight?

95 pictures and a 4:04 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb143.zip and video clip bb143avi.zip

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New bondage girl Tess Lyndon locked in leather straps

Posted on March 26th, 2013

We discovered a new bondage talent! Tess Lyndon is a super flexible girl, her elbows touch behind her back! That’s always good for leather strap bondage, although that would be too hard for a first time. But who cares! We do it to her anyway, and she does not seem too happy about it. One of the best elbows-welded-together-videos we have done so far! Tess can struggle all she wants, her arms are pinned very securely behind her back!

99 pictures and a 4:28 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb142.zip and video clip bb142avi.zip

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Adrienne in red leather bondage

Posted on March 19th, 2013

Tough bondage woman Adrienne used to be a swimming and boxing champ. Now she is just a pet slave, and this time she will be restrained in red leather! Red looks good on her, or maybe it is the bondage that looks good? Either way, Adrienne is in a huge posture collar, with her arms and legs chained. Of course, she ends up on her stomach in a hogtied position, and we just let her struggle for a while! Nice :)

96 pictures and a 3:58 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb141.zip and video clip bb141avi.zip

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Excited Little Caprice suffering in ballet boots

Posted on March 12th, 2013

Never in a million years people would have thought Little Caprice could (or would) be trained as a leather pet slave! And look at her now! She is back again and this time we will make her toes and calves hurt a little bit during ballet boot training! Little Caprice does not easily give up, although it hurts a lot, but soon she is standing on her tiptoes, and even walking a little across the room! Thumbs up for Little Caprice!

84 pictures and a 5:23 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb140.zip and video clip bb140avi.zip

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