Julia de Lucia – elbows strapped

Posted on October 31st, 2017

We have managed to capture the famous Julia de Lucia from Spain! Julia is a very naughty girl, but no one really knew whether she was flexible or not. But bondage talent will be discovered by our tight leather straps tests, there is no escape from that (literally)! It turns out Julia can be added to our list of super talents, her arms are incredibly flexible and she can be strapped in virtually any position you can think of. She can also take quite a tight ballgag, and she is a fierce struggler! Welcome Julia, to the world of tight leather bondage!

77 pictures and a 3:35 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb382.zip and video clip bb382avi.zip

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Viktoriya – pink leather

Posted on October 24th, 2017

This wasn’t what Ukranian fashion model Viktoriya expected from a shoot… sure it was pink, but it wasn’t very fashionable! We strapped and locked this tall beauty in a pink leather box tie harness, including double locked collar and tight waist belt. This means her arms were pinned on her back and nude Viktoriya was very helpless. She started to protest a little so we had to ballgag her, but we were kind enough to match the ballgag color to her restraints! Still, she did not seem very happy with this shoot. Oh well… let’s see if she can escape!

89 pictures and a 5:59 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb381.zip and video clip bb381avi.zip

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Dutch Dame – latex queen

Posted on October 17th, 2017

The famous Dutch Dame! We got her! This latex queen is so tall and gorgeous, we just had to capture her and put her in the bolero straitjacket. Completely defenseless, all exposed, not even royalty like Dutch Dame can escape this jacket. It is fun to restrain such a statuesque model, Dutch Dame is over 6 foot tall, and that is without her towering heels! Her trade mark is latex of course, so we had her wear a latex mask which brings out her beautiful eyes and mouth. Such a graceful struggle! Enjoy this update!

73 pictures and a 4:05 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb380.zip and video clip bb380avi.zip

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Katie Thornton – double boob leash

Posted on October 10th, 2017

Katie Thornton is the perfect pet girl! Her legs have been frogtied so she must walk on her knees, and her hands are secured in mitts so she can’t take off any of her restraints. Now, usually you would attach a leash to a pet’s collar, but with Katie there are far better attachment points for a leash! Her incredible boobs have been strapped in leather belts, and with two leashes attached to them, we can easily make Katie do whatever we want. She is getting pretty good: she can follow (heel), sit, and lie down. She goes into her cage by herself too! We are now teaching her to fetch, so stay tuned!

87 pictures and a 4:09 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb379.zip and video clip bb379avi.zip

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Bonnie Bellotti – armbinder stress

Posted on October 3rd, 2017

Bonnie Bellotti has been strapped into a tight armbinder! We think she doesn’t like that, but we can’t understand a word she is saying because of the shiny ballgag. Oh well, let’s keep her here for a while to see if she can escape. It’s not easy, struggling in an armbinder, but Bonnie doesn’t seem to want to give up yet! She is getting more and more tired… and angry… we think.

73 pictures and a 3:57 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb378.zip and video clip bb378avi.zip

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Rachelle Summers – bound at home

Posted on September 26th, 2017

We visited the wonderful Rachelle Summers to interview her about a modelling job. Somehow, she ended up naked, cuffed and gagged, even though it was only a quick casting visit. Well, we have to test the models a little bit before we hire them! Rachelle did very well, she can be gagged for a long time and she loves a good struggle! We can’t wait to get her back to the studio and strap her down properly!

87 pictures and a 3:59 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb377.zip and video clip bb377avi.zip

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Abigail – reverse prayer

Posted on September 19th, 2017

Please welcome the beautiful red head Abigail to our website. She is a slender beauty with big eyes and a very natural submissive. Abigail wanted to get tied up in leather. Her wrists and neck are very small, but we found some perfect cuffs and a collar for her. Abigail was loving it, until we found out she was very flexible. She was locked in a reverse prayer before she knew it, and this harsh position may not be the best introduction to our website, we certainly loved to watch her face as she went from protesting to actually liking the helplessness. Abigail is a keeper!

82 pictures and a 4:25 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb376.zip and video clip bb376avi.zip

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Stella Cox – tightest elbow bondage ever

Posted on September 12th, 2017

Stella Cox is just the perfect leather bondage pet! She has got it all: amazing flexibility, cute face, tieable natural boobs, and she LOVES bondage! We know she can do elbow bondage… but can she handle this extreme elbow bondage, where her upper arms are strapped together too?! It is so tight, her shoulders are so far back, it’s almost painful to watch. But Stella loved it! We literally can not believe this girl, she likes anything we do to her and she will even ask for more. In a super tall posture collar, with her boob strapped, and in a corset, Stella is probably the only girl who can handle this strict position. Watch the video and be amazed!

86 pictures and a 4:08 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb375.zip and video clip bb375avi.zip

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Sophia Smith – gagged at home!

Posted on September 5th, 2017

The stunning Sophia Smith is very flexible! So when she invited us over, we couldn’t resist bringing a nice leather armbinder and a ballgag. Even though she did not think it was the right time to get tied and gagged, we convinced her to do a little struggling. A nice challenge for her: if she would manage to escape from the armbinder we would leave her alone for the rest of the day. If not… well, we were not going to help her (and she couldn’t even ask for help), so you can guess it became a great afternoon. We could watch this beauty struggle all day!

58 pictures and a 4:05 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb374.zip and video clip bb374avi.zip

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Nyssa Nevers – red bolero straitjacket

Posted on August 29th, 2017

Nyssa Nevers has got perfect boobs and she loves straitjackets! A normal straitjacket would cover those boobs, and even protect her. We don’t want that! We want to see them and we want Nyssa to feel vulnerable and exposed! A bolero jacket is perfect for her, all important areas are unprotected while here arms are restrained, making her defenseless. She will protest, of course, but that’s nothing a shiny red ballgag can’t solve! Nyssa looks great in red, don’t you think?

97 pictures and a 5:01 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb373.zip and video clip bb373avi.zip

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Tiffany – chick wing hogtie

Posted on August 22nd, 2017

A pretty hard position for our dear Tiffany, who is probably getting used to all the hard things she has to do around here. With her elbows pulled back and added butterfly straps, she is in a very helpless chicken wing position. But it gets worse, when she is on the floor with her knees and ankles strapped, with a long strap pulling her elbows towards her ankles. Tiffany is a tough one, she can do this, but it wasn’t easy for her! Don’t miss the struggle video clip, and see for yourself!

73 pictures and a 4:04 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb372.zip and video clip bb372avi.zip

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Jennifer – elbows strapped

Posted on August 15th, 2017

Tall local girl Jennifer came over to try some tight leather bondage. We just love endless arms that are slender, usually a good sign of an elbow bondage talent. And we were not disappointed! Jennifers elbows can touch without almost any pressure. She so flexible, a natural talent who deserves to be experiencing a good elbow strapping. Jennifer was intrigued by the feeling, and she wiggled around, her arms moving as one, tightly strapped behind her. Jennifer has another awesome bondage talent: she can take the biggest gags without any problems! She makes a 2-inch gag look small because she is so tall! Next time we will try an even bigger gag, to see if she can compete with our ultimate gag girl Vanessa!

101 pictures and a 4:00 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb371.zip and video clip bb371avi.zip

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Cobie – tight ‘Gwendoline’ armbinder

Posted on August 8th, 2017

Famous bondage model Cobie is here again! Her arms go all the way together behind her back, and she likes to be restrained like that! It can never be tight enough for Cobie. So we found our tightest armbinder and strapped her in it, pulling her elbows together until they touched. A big collar and a nice shiny red ballgag really transformed Cobie into a beautifully restrained bondage damsel. She is so stunning! A perfect body with a bondage mind! You gotta love Cobie :)

97 pictures and a 4:18 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb370.zip and video clip bb370avi.zip

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Jenni C – the perfect bondage harness

Posted on August 1st, 2017

The perfect Jenni C has been with us for years! She is always fit and always has her radiant smile! We just needed a perfect harness to match her impressive body! This full body leather harness looks so great on her! Maybe we need to add a few more locks, but with a thick collar and a pair of wrist cuffs restraining her hands to her sides, Jenni is just the ultimate pet slave. Who wouldn’t like to own a Jenni pet, including this great harness? She is one of the best!

98 pictures and a 4:03 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb369.zip and video clip bb369avi.zip

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Stella Cox – ballet boots and straps

Posted on July 25th, 2017

Stella Cox wanted to try our ballet boots. We agreed as long as we could use some other leather items too. Before she knew it, she was strapped in a full body harness with an extra boob harness on top, a thick collar, and a black leather prisoner belt. After cuffing her hands to her sides, we ballgagged her and used frogtie straps on her legs. This was a bit more than Stella had anticipated! She struggled to get out of all this leather, and she looked very good doing so. Drooling and boobs bouncing, Stella knew she would never completely escape from this, but she sure tried!

76 pictures and a 4:10 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb368.zip and video clip bb368avi.zip

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Izzy Delphine – magic wand harness

Posted on July 18th, 2017

Izzy loves vibrating things, she is a very playful pretty blonde girl, and she likes to experiment. But will she still like vibrating things if she can not turn them off herself? Don’t miss this week’s epic battle of Izzy versus the magic wand, where a tight leather harness keeps the wand pressed against her pussy, no matter what position she assumes. Izzy is strapped in a straitjacket so she can’t turn off the vibrator. Starting standing up, Izzy’s legs soon buckle and she has to lie down, unable to stop the powerful wand that keeps on giving. Great video!

84 pictures and a 4:40 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb367.zip and video clip bb367avi.zip

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