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Little Caprice – elbow cuffed

Posted on December 25th, 2012

We captured the famous Little Caprice! She never did any bondage before, but we soon found out that is a shame, because she is a really talented sub girl! Very flexible arms, great body, very cute face! Little Caprice looks incredibly hot in a collar, and when we cuff her wrist and elbows tightly behind her back, she immediately goes into submissive mode. Now we just have to strap her legs in a frogtie, so she will kneel for us, and we can safely say we found a new bondage talent! Next step will be a gag, although that could be one step too far for poor Caprice!

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Roswell Ivory hates her leather armbinder and chastity belt

Posted on December 18th, 2012

Yes, we restrained Roswell Ivory in a chastity belt! That should teach her! And to stop her from trying to get it off, we just stuck her arms in a leather armbinder. This girl sure knows how to put up a good struggle, but she is not going anywhere. She is only making herself very tired, it will make her realise that she is here to learn to be submissive. Even ladies like Roswell can be transformed into leather pet slave girls!

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No kissing, no licking

Posted on December 11th, 2012

Geez, these girls can not stop touching each other. Last time, we put them in armbinders, which did not stop their active tongues at all. Now, at five straps and a tight collar each, Davon Kim and her girlfriend Ting are still all about licking and kissing each other. We promised last time: if they can not behave we have to ballgag them both! It is their own fault, let’s see how they get on with a shiny red ball strapped tightly into their jaws! Aw, they look so disappointed!! Fun fact: Ting is a huge drooler, Davon is not, but somehow Davon got a lot of drool on herself! ;-)

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Ashley Bulgari strapped and ring gagged

Posted on December 4th, 2012

You might ask: why is Ashley Bulgari never gagged? Not here, nor on any other websites (except maybe the occasional cloth gag)? Well, that’s because she never wanted to, she thinks it does not make her look good. But we don’t care. We have been training her for so long now, we are just going to gag her with a ring gag. First, we made her defenseless by strapping her arms and legs in leather, and we were surprised at her flexibility! Wow, nice posture, Ashley! Then we strapped her face too, and just as we expected, Ashley hated every minute of it! She may never shoot with us again. But we have the pictures and video of Ashley Bulgari ring gagged! ;-)

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