Melissa in armbinder and posture spike collar

Posted on October 19th, 2010

Poor Melissa is the first to test our new collar. Since everyone liked her so much in her last shoot, she was invited back for more leather bondage. Her last shoot was pretty easy, posing like a hot glamour model in ballet boots. But this time we have an annoying surprise for her: a posture collar with an adjustable chin spike! See Melissa’s head tilt back in fear of the spike. It’s not an adjustable collar, Melissa is now adjustable herself! We can tilt her head all the way back, making her keep a good straight posture for us. Melissa definitely does not want her chin to touch the spike, fear is in her eyes. We love this new toy! And the collar too ;-)

65 pictures and a 4:17 minutes HD video clip!


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6 Replies

  1. ratrat Nov 3rd 2010

    Wow, very sexy. She is really helpless. A perfect collar! Would it be ok to let the girls speak? Perhaps a few, “Help!, or” This is too tight!”, or even “Please let me go!”

    I know they have lovely pleading voices.


  2. CaptiveGirl Nov 15th 2010

    Nice collar but awfull spike, i dont like it :(

  3. as much as i love the rest of your work i dont like this. The spike on the collar is simply too dangerous.
    If the girl coughs ore are tickeld she risks doing very bad things to the floor of her mouth!!
    I want a girl partner restrained – maybe even in slight pain – but NOT in danger!!

  4. Don’t worry, the spike is blunt, it is visually stunning and annoying for the girl, but she is not in any danger at all!

  5. xerus Jul 8th 2011

    Melissa is amazing. Very beautiful. I would definately like to see much more of this model. A strappado with her legs spread and a ring gag would be great. I agree with ratrat that some vocalization form the girls would add a lot to it… but not the bored moaning into a gag that you often hear; some genuine attempts at pleading for release (muffled of course by the gag). All in all, great work on the site!

  6. Brian Nov 6th 2011

    Where can I get that collar?

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