Adrienne hogtied in catsuit and tight posture collar

Posted on June 14th, 2011

The wonderful Adrienne is wearing a tight catsuit, locking wrist cuffs, and (most importantly) a tight locking posture collar. She can not move her head at all, the collar is extremely tall for this tough girl. We frog tie her legs with big belts and lock her wrists to her ankles. That should give us some nice struggling! Bearing in mind that it is very hard to lie down in a posture collar, Adrienne gives us a great struggle across the floor. But eventually, even this powerful girl has to give up…

79 pictures and a 4:13 minutes HD video clip!


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7 Replies

  1. leatherlover Jun 14th 2011

    Where can I get these belts or are they custom? Please inform…

  2. The wide leather belts are actually from a shop called H&M ;-)

  3. leatherlover Jun 14th 2011

    The Department store H&M?

  4. Yep, but it was a while ago, I haven’t seen them for sale for a long time.

  5. gorgeus girl and a fantastic collar – dont see the point in the black suit…

  6. I think the suit highlights her curves, and it might make her feel more enveloped in her bondage. She looks very nice locked in that tall collar. It really looks like it’s making her hold her head and chin up, and she appears just a tad uncomfortable trying to deal with its height, stiffness, and restriction around her neck.

  7. Forestier Oct 18th 2011

    Nice leather, nice set up, nice struggle.

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