Adrienne in rigid arm splints and harness panel gag

Posted on November 22nd, 2011

It has been a while since we used our rigid leather arm splints. So let’s invite a strong woman and strap her in good! Adrienne is locked in the splints with 10 padlocks. She can not bend her arms at all, but we continue her bondage by locking the splints together to create an armbinder. Just look at her shoulders, it is pretty severe! To stop her from complaining we use a nice harness panel gag, which is really effective! Great stuff, let’s just leave her there for an hour, this is good training!

89 pictures and a 4:02 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set and video clip

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  1. Nice shoes, nice gag, nice armsplints, GREAT girl, but something is really missing. You’ll have to shoot with her again :)

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