Pling in a sink plug gag!

Posted on September 16th, 2014

We found this new gag and we couldn´t wait to test it! It is a large round tube going very far into a girls mouth, inducing a lot of drooling! It straps around the head with two adjustable buckle straps. When you think the girl is drooling too much, simply pop in the sink plug! It also muffles any moaning or struggling sounds, which is quite convenient! Not for Pling though, she is locked in a very tall posture collar, pushing her lower jaw up, while the gag wants to push her mouth open. A box tie armbinder makes sure she can not take off her gag, so let´s just sit back and enjoy the struggle!

78 pictures and a 4:05 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set and video clip


2 Replies

  1. well – mixed feelings on that one…
    Love Pling – no other options with that girl.
    Love the collar and arm bag.
    But i realy think that type of gag is soooo uncharming. A ball gag add fetish value to a beautifull face – this one just look – well – uncharming

  2. Just trying to please everyone, some people like humiliating gags!!
    Actually, Pling does too! ;)

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