Emily from India in locking straps!

Posted on October 21st, 2014

We never had a pet slave girl from India before! Strange, it is such a huge country, there have got to be millions of submissive girls living there! Emily is one of them, she curiously emailed us to be restrained in tight leather bondage. We used an incredibly tight locking strap to make her elbows touch behind her back, because she warned us about being a skilled escape artist. A tight locking wrist strap and frogtie straps should be enough to keep her in strict bondage. But she is a FIERCE struggler…

63 pictures and a 4:07 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb224.zip and video clip bb224avi.zip


7 Replies

  1. It’s not very often you see an Indian girl in bondage, in fact this is the first I can remember. You need to get Emily back lots. Thanks.

  2. Michael Anthony Oct 22nd 2014

    Love to see more of Emily in belt bondage just need to add a ball gag next time!

  3. Phallanx Oct 30th 2014

    More of Emily please, she’s absolutely stunning! Love to see her gagged and hooded!

  4. Michael Anthony Mar 8th 2018

    Is she going to return at some point?

  5. please do more of emily shes my fav

  6. Kauya sree Apr 16th 2024

    Iam also slave from India

  7. Kauya sree May 7th 2024

    Iwii never escape after bondage

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