Tammy wants to escape

Posted on October 28th, 2014

Gorgeous young Tammy is a wild girl from the Netherlands! She is a real life submissive, and she dropped by to try some leather bondage at our headquarters! We just had to get her into a tight armbinder! Doesn’t she look great, trying to struggle with her arms pressed together, kept straight by this leather bondage device? A few frogtie straps and a shiny red ballgag, and we have another helpless girl on her knees in our studio! Where do they keep coming from!?

89 pictures and a 5:20 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb225.zip and video clip bb225avi.zip


4 Replies

  1. Where indeed? I wonder if any one who’s into paddling might show up? That could be an mb schoolgirl update. plenty of attachment points on a chastity belt for immobilizing, corporal punishment in schools is intended to humiliate; and a plug would add both humiliation and arousal as she struggles, and as Natalia has shown by humping her belt; her pretty bottom (and she is pretty from head to toe) is still bare and presentable for punishment.

  2. But who’s into s/m, likes spanking, schoolgirl role play fantasies and heavy bondage, maybe someone like Ariel Anderson?

  3. If spanking is an option, maybe you should use a vibe instead. Get her over the edge as a reward.

  4. Chuckles Nov 28th 2015

    I pray you’ll bring lovely Tammy back. She is an ideal bondage model: young, pretty, natural, flexible, and a fabulous struggler. Her red hair and gorgeous smile make her all the more alluring. I’d love to see her in any kind of restraints: leather, metal or rope. And a session with a milking machine would be amazing.

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