Leila Smith versus the magic wand harness

Posted on September 22nd, 2015

Beautiful redhead Leila Smith seemed to be ready for a nice challenge, even though it was her first time in bondage! We strapped her into a bolero style straitjacket for a good view of her boobs, and then we strapped a magic wand harness to her pussy. Soon, Leila Smith found out that she could switch the magic wand on with her toes, and she really enjoyed the vibrations. The problems started when she accidentally turned up the speed to full power and found that she could not move her legs anymore to switch off the wand. True story! She came and came and came, sweating and panting, we eventually had to rescue her from this predicament! Real orgasms! Must see video!!

88 pictures and a 4:39 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb272.zip and video clip bb272avi.zip


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  1. René Sep 23rd 2015


    It’s great to see a beautiful girl in a straitjacket struggeling to get an orgasm. I vote for more of these kind of video’s. Can we expect Leia in more clips?

  2. René Sep 28th 2015

    I have just a few questions for Leila if you don’t mind. You say it was her first experience in bondage, how did she like being in bondage? Did it make her orgasms more powerfull because of the bondage? How many orgasms did she have?

    Forgive me for being so curious. Leila is very beautiful and the clip is really hot.

    Thanks for all the work you doing for this website.

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