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Ballet boot training with Sylvie

I love working with Sylvie! She is a super gorgeous fashion model, very flexible and submissive! Sylvie will basically do anything I tell her to do, which is a lot of fun! In shiny leggings and a huge heavy (solid) spiked collar, Sylvie will attempt to stand and walk in ballet boots. It’s not her first time, but it’s been many years since she tried this, so let’s see how she does!

110 pictures and a 7:11 mins HD video clip!

Posted May 21st, 2024.

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Nina Nightbloom – the new stocks!

I have new stocks! They are awesome! And I have Nina Nightbloom, she is even more awesome. The cute teen with the huge boobs is going into everything totally unprepared. She had no idea what was going to happen. I tied her boobs with some rope and locked her in these new stocks. It wasn’t too bad, just neck and wrists. A 2 inch ballgag stopped any protests for what was about to happen next. The bottom part of the stocks is made to go around the knees! The openings look big, but there is absolutely no way you can get out this. It was fun to push Nina over, leaving her completely exposed and helpless. Like a turtle!

81 pictures and a 3:51 mins HD video clip!

Posted May 14th, 2024.

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Coxy – armbinder and ultra heavy spike collar

Beautiful playmate Coxy is back and I have something special for her! This custom made collar with massive spikes (not hollow) is very heavy to wear, and very sharp! To avoid Coxy from hurting herself on these spikes, I thoughtfully strapped her arms into an armbinder. A lot safer! Coxy was not convinced, she tried to struggle, but she had to be very careful!!

119 pictures and a 3:54 mins HD video clip!

Posted May 7th, 2024.

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Kiki – pony boots on the treadmill

I challenged submissive Kiki to put on the pony boots and walk on the treadmill! She had never worn shoes like this before! It was very hard for her, but she is so submissive she will do ANYTHING she is told (yes, anything, you can ask for custom videos by emailing me). It was a lot of fun to see her struggle in these shoes, I think she will get better soon, Kiki just needs a lot of practice!!

92 pictures and a 6:25 mins HD video clip!

Posted April 30th, 2024.

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Elizabeth – slave girl in Relentless Leather

Goth sub Elizabeth is so beautiful! She definitely loves this lifestyle and she is a big fan of bondage gear. This harness by Relentless Leather is a full restrictive bondage device, with lots of adjustable straps and locking collar and wrists cuffs. Great for slave training! Even better, I also have a harness gag by Relentless Leather, a very unusual muzzle. Instead of a ballgag, it has a large wooden plug inside, which goes deep inside Elizabeth’s mouth, leaving her unable to speak. She knows her place, chained to the wall, patiently waiting for what is next… what would you do with her?

92 pictures and a 4:24 mins HD video clip!

Posted April 23rd, 2024.

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Emilia – hogtied in red leather

Tiny cute Emilia is back! I showed her a red leather bondage set and she liked it a lot more than black! She even said she loved the collar! Until she got hogtied, because then the collar became a bit tighter and Emilia was struggling to get to the key. It was not so easy as she had imagined. I don’t think she likes red leather anymore…
Emilia is available for custom shoots! Email me to order your own Emilia video!

111 pictures and a 4:42 mins HD video clip!

Posted April 16th, 2024.

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Luz Luna – gagged and armbagged

New model Luz Luna wanted to be strapped in leather too! This beautiful body harness was a great start, but it definitely needed more bondage. Perhaps a thick leather collar and some frog tie straps! And a box tie armbinder of course! A nice bit gag to finish off her bondage, so she could struggle and drool wildly. Luz is a fiery one! I definitely want to shoot more bondage with her soon!

102 pictures and a 4:29 mins HD video clip!

Posted April 9th, 2024.

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Darina – strappado predicament

Darina is such a good submissive! She will put on the muzzle gag and nipple clamps all by herself! The muzzle has a big plug inside of it, so she can’t make much noise. I then literally screwed her nipple clamps to the floor, and her arms to the wall. This pulled Darina in a very extreme predicament position. She couldn’t move much as the strappado pulled her arms up, but she was painfully attached to the floor by her clover clamps. Beautiful suffering!

93 pictures and a 4:36 mins HD video clip!

Posted April 2nd, 2024.

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Anna Lemon – sexy warrior

Stunning Anna Lemon is new to the website and very new to bondage. She brought this awesome outfit, including boots, corset, gloves, and muzzle! She looks like a sexy warrior, so tough and gorgeous at the same time. She was posing with a lot of grace, until I decided it was enough. The box tie armbinder was added and suddenly Anna was transformed into a captured damsel. Such cute struggles! Don’t miss this incredible set, it’s really beautiful!

96 pictures and a 5:09 mins HD video clip!

Posted March 26th, 2024.

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Lil Missy in the stocks

It is Lil Missy from the UK! Yes, I finally got her on this website, and I wasn’t going to let her go without getting her into a nice predicament! Muzzle gagged, Lil Missy was locked in the heavy wooden stocks. Then I attached chains from the stocks to her ankles, making them too short to stand up straight. This is a very stressful position and it is hard to keep standing. Missy is very tough, but in the end she had to kneel down and give in. She loved the challenge! Missy will definitely be back soon!

110 pictures and a 4:07 mins HD video clip!

Posted March 19th, 2024.

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Sylvie – heavy spike collar and armbinder

I can’t believe Czech supermodel Sylvie is one of my regular models again! She was a lot of fun to work with 9-10 years ago, and then she went off to do other things. Now she is back and she STILL looks amazing. Actually, she looks even better! She is very flexible, so I put her in the tightest armbinder and strapped a very heavy collar on her neck. The spikes are solid, so you can imagine how heavy it is for this slender girl. She struggled a lot, even though that is quite dangerous with those sharp spikes on her neck!

137 pictures and a 4:17 mins HD video clip!

Posted March 12th, 2024.

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Aubrey – posture collar strappado

I love shooting with playmate Aubrey! She is so beautiful, and she doesn’t mind a bit of bondage. I always test her abilities and she will try to deal with it as best as she can. A nice strappado is always a good challenge, but I made it a lot harder for Aubrey with a huge posture collar. It was very challenging to be in this position, balancing on her high heels!

84 pictures and a 3:48 mins HD video clip!

Posted March 5th, 2024.

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Marina Gold on the Sybian

Today, Marina Gold is going for a ride! The cute little Latina girl is too curious for her own good, so she gets strapped and chained to the wall, while I take over the Sybian controls. She was not expecting it to be this powerful!!

75 pictures and a 5:53 mins HD video clip!

Posted February 27th, 2024.

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Nina Nightbloom – bolero straitjacket

Check out my latest model: Nina Nightbloom! She is a cute girl with huge boobs! I couldn’t resist strapping these awesome naturals in leather belts. Then I added a bolero straitjacket to give us a nice view during Nina’s struggle. Because even gagged and frog tied, Nina is a wild one! She tried with all her might to get out of the jacket, but there was no hope of escaping. I really want to get her back as soon as possible, because I have more ideas for her perfect huge boobs!

130 pictures and a 4:08 mins HD video clip!

Posted February 20th, 2024.

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Denise – rubber band boob bondage

Poor young Denise’s boobs always seem to be the subject of some form of torture. Today, I told her to put rubber bands around them. She also had to clamp her nipples. The pressure of the rubber bands make the clamps hurt more! To prevent Denise from taking it all off, I had to butterfly strap her arms, put her hands in mitts, and gag her with a 2 inch ball! Denise just needs a lot of training, and this is just the start! Do you have more suggestions for her training? Or do you want to order a custom video with Denise? Just email me!

107 pictures and a 4:08 mins HD video clip!

Posted February 13th, 2024.

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The locked gag trick with River

River is one of my favorite models! So stunning and fit, and she loves a good challenge. Today, I strapped her into an armbinder, it was not very tight but quite challenging. I even added a belt to make it look more dramatic, but my idea was that she would be able to escape quite easily. Only to find out that her huge 2 inch was a locked gag, where she expected the usual buckle strap. It was a lot of fun to see her realize the huge gag wasn’t coming off. I even tossed her a few keys (not the right one of course).

77 pictures and a 5:20 mins HD video clip!

Posted February 6th, 2024.

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