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A locking ballgag for Ariel

Posted on October 26th, 2010

Our new slave girl Ariel is a little sleepy. So we put her on a nice soft bed and frogtied her legs and arms with locking belts. Just when Ariel thinks she finally can get some rest, a tight red ballgag is added. We know she will take it off the minute we leave, because most slave girls do not like to sleep gagged. So we padlock the ballgag in place! Ariel is very annoyed, judging from her frown (and the finger she gives us), but the gag is not coming off. Let’s just enjoy her frustration for a moment, before we wish her a good night! Sleep well, Ariel!

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Melissa in armbinder and posture spike collar

Posted on October 19th, 2010

Poor Melissa is the first to test our new collar. Since everyone liked her so much in her last shoot, she was invited back for more leather bondage. Her last shoot was pretty easy, posing like a hot glamour model in ballet boots. But this time we have an annoying surprise for her: a posture collar with an adjustable chin spike! See Melissa’s head tilt back in fear of the spike. It’s not an adjustable collar, Melissa is now adjustable herself! We can tilt her head all the way back, making her keep a good straight posture for us. Melissa definitely does not want her chin to touch the spike, fear is in her eyes. We love this new toy! And the collar too ;-)

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Vanessa in triple ring collar, tight ballgag, and belt bondage

Posted on October 12th, 2010

Vanessa is back, and as usual she is smiling a lot! Especially when the shoot seems to go easy for her. Posing in a beautiful heavy leather collar with three jingling rings, a few belts on her body… Nothing serious. But then her position gets changed. We belt her thighs to her ankles, we attach her wrists to her back, and we gag her with a bright red ball… Vanessa’s smile turns into a frown, she seems to hate ballgags… Struggling to get out her bondage, she exhausts herself while we take our distance and watch this beauty in leather belt bondage!

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Hailey’s armbinder struggle

Posted on October 5th, 2010

Remember last time Hailey was here with us? She is an escape artist! And now she is back to try our armbinder… and it fits her like a monoglove! Which is not very good news for Hailey of course, since she loves escaping so much. This armbinder looks really slender on Hailey’s arms, and it pulls her shoulders together behind her back very very tight. Hailey struggles madly, as we expected. A full on battle of girl versus leather. And when she gets close to thinking about escaping, we just add a few straps to prevent that. How frustrating!

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