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Tess Lyndon – tight armbinder

Posted on November 27th, 2018

Tess Lyndon is flexible enough to try our tightest armbinder! She told us ‘my elbows might not go all the way together’, but we knew she was trying to bluff, because we did that with her before. Even though that was five years ago, we just knew she hadn’t lost any of that flexibility. So we strapped the armbinder on tight, her arms all the way together, and left Tess to struggle for a while. This was really tight and Tess said it was a weird feeling that her arms were moving (flopping around) as one. There was no way she could escape this leather bondage device, so there is plenty of struggling for you to watch!

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Charley Atwell home bound

Posted on November 20th, 2018

Sometimes we see a model on the internet and we think how great it would be to restrain her in leather, fully naked. Like the very famous Charley Atwell. She is spectacular! Why hasn’t anyone put her in bondage yet? We sent her a message about how she really needed to do more bondage work, and to our surprise she replied! Not only that, she replied ‘sure come on over if you want to tie me up!!’. What?! Needless to say we were there in a hurry with some leather cuffs, a collar, and a gag! We proudly present: the amazing Charley Atwell struggling in leather!! Don’t miss this!

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Stella Cox – bondage perfection

Posted on November 13th, 2018

Stella Cox is so gorgeous! She’s cute with big boobs, a very rare combination, and she is very submissive. She will always come back for more, and we try to give her the best gear to make her look even better! The hand crafted open-boob straitjacket is a true masterpiece, with the corset back and the elegant sizing. It’s just the right fit for Stella, who is completely defenseless in this jacket. Her boobs and crotch are on display and this jacket is inescapable. The custom made posture collar is also very high quality. It fits Stella so well! Adding a ballgag is always very challenging when a girl is wearing a posture collar. Even a medium size ball will completely lock her jaw (she can’t open any further because of the collar, wedging the ball in her mouth). It’s perfection. All she can do is moan and wriggle, making her boobs sway for our viewing pleasure. Don’t miss this update!

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Alisa – editorial model elbow strapped

Posted on November 6th, 2018

After Alisa’s last visit, we knew she was quite flexible, so we wanted to try to strap her elbows all the way together! Usually a hard thing to do with editorial models who don’t like anything that’s a bit more extreme, it took surprisingly little effort to convince Alisa of the awesomeness of this bondage predicament. Once she was in it though, she thought it was a bit tight. Well, that’s the point, isn’t it! You won’t see this girl anywhere else in bondage, so join now to see her struggles! She is so stunningly beautiful!

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