Melissa in chastity belt, posture collar, and ballet boots

Posted on August 31st, 2010

Melissa!! This cute little slave girl is collared and belted for the very first time in her life! She does not really like the tall posture collar, but it is (double) padlocked onto her small neck. The solid leather chastity belt also uses two padlocks to secure it. But the real challenge today is Melissa’s ballet boots! She tries to stand in them for the very first time in our video. A must-see if you love ballet boot practice! Melissa is a little unstable, but she does very well! She is such an obedient little slave that we will not ask her to come back to, we will just order her :) She will come back, definitely! Please use the comments below to suggest Melissa’s next torment!

87 pictures and a 4:15 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set and video clip


6 Replies

  1. loved the set – fantastic collar on a gorgeus girl – and a litlle smile we get…

  2. janin Sep 1st 2010

    I agree! only one thing the movie is too short :)

  3. robert Sep 23rd 2010

    how bout posture collar with leash and body harness for her next one :)

  4. CaptiveGirl Oct 16th 2010

    I agree that leash- thing too… Why wear collar if it not use to leashning or chaining….?

  5. captivegirl – i do NOT agree. A wide collar is on very much in its own right – very restrictive if wide and tight…a locked on collar of that kind must be very much a challenge

  6. Agree with Alex… I like the look of a posture collar by itself as a fashion accessory, albeit a restrictive one. She looks fashionable here, like this is something she could wear all day. The first time I had to wear a tall posture collar, I didn’t like it very much either but with practice I got used to it. Having it locked on really helps you get over the urge to want to remove it – you know it’s not coming off so you have to accept it. I encourage her to keep wearing this collar in her shoots.

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