Lizzie frogtied

Posted on September 14th, 2010

Beautiful Lizzie is perfect. Her body, breasts, ass, face, feet, you name it… she’s soft, she’s round, she’s cute… And she is locked in leather! Locked in a leather collar and breast belted, our popular slave girl soon realises the collar will not be the only thing that will be locked on today! Her wrists are soon tied to her upper arms with sturdy leather belts. Her ankles are strapped to her thighs and padlocks are everywhere! This position is called a frogtie, but you knew that already, of course! Lizzie didn’t know that, and she doesn’t care either, she just wants to escape!

68 pictures and a 5:10 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set and video clip


3 Replies

  1. Thank you for bringing Lizzie back.

    Great pictures, and the moving could have been great to.
    When she turns around and presents that beautiful back end of hers to the camera man.
    He zoom into her face :(
    And the movie`s to short, would like to see more of the tying

  2. CaptiveGirl Oct 16th 2010

    I like that back photo too

  3. very cute girl – good contact to the camera – would have loved more getting in or out of the toys…

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