Leyla gagged for the first time

Posted on November 16th, 2010

Our new model Leyla is completely new to bondage, like most of our glamour models. That’s what we do here at BeltBound, trying to convince models who would have never thought they would do a bondage shoot. Like all girls, Leyla was curious about leather bondage, and we quickly had her locked in a chastity belt, a tiny padlock dangling between her legs. We added a broad kneeling strap and a pair of locking bondage gloves to make her helpless. Amazingly, Leyla was turned on by all this and tried licking her own big breasts. So there was only one thing we could do: add a tight red ballgag. Leyla did not even know what it was until it was in her mouth! Beautiful!

92 pictures and a 4:19 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb019.zip and video clip bb019avi.zip


3 Replies

  1. Daniel Nov 18th 2010

    I surely like the new resolution for the pictures. ;)

    I also like the concept of the site to introduce glamour models to bondage. And who knows, some models might do more of this in the future. If Leyla was turned on by this, other models might be too. :)

  2. love the girl – the gear – the figght and frustration – the quality of work.
    Dont like that clumsy chaisity belt and hate the earrings.
    But all in all fantastic

  3. Forestier Sep 10th 2011

    What slaps could she give with those mittens! What about a battle?

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