Yasmine likes collars, hates armbinders

Posted on December 7th, 2010

Seeing all the other glamour models try our bondage shoots, the lovely (and shy) Yasmine emailed us if she could do a test shoot with just a collar. Unfortunately, we don’t do test shoots. It’s a bondage website, so there has to be some restraining… or preferably a lot! We locked a big leather collar onto Yasmine’s beautiful neck, and it really transformed her. It was like she had been waiting to be collared for years! She just loved it so much. Then came the armbinder. She even panicked a bit, especially when we found out her elbows go together really close behind her back. So there you have it, a perfect face (and boobs!), hating and loving her predicament. We know she will be back!

121 pictures and a 4:34 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb022.zip and video clip bb022avi.zip


3 Replies

  1. what a girl
    Love she is free to explore her collar first. Love the closups,
    Not the most perfect armbinder i has seen and her fight might be a litlle “melodramatic”

  2. Bootlover Mar 18th 2011

    I don’t know exactly what it is about Yasmine, but I find her to be incredibly sexy! Perhaps it is the vulnerable look that she projects as she struggles? Tall collars and armbinders don’t hurt either!

  3. Forestier Sep 13th 2011

    Fantastic clip! Fantastic girl! She is active, even panicking. Nice all black outfit, from her hair to her shoes. Nice bouncing breasts.

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