Ballgag training for Little Caprice and Nelly!

Posted on July 23rd, 2013

These two young slaves are way too giggly! We strapped them down and collared them, and now it is time for their ballgag training. No talking, giggling, joking, or whatever young girls like Little Caprice and Nelly like to do these days. Of course, they are not happy about it, but somehow they obediently listen to our challenge: the gags do not come off for the next half hour! Nelly and Little Caprice still find ways to have fun, however, as they act silly and tease each other (and help each other to sit up again), and even try to understand the other girl’s gag talking. Amazing how they still manage to enjoy this training… will they ever behave as proper pet slaves?

91 pictures and a 04:30 minutes HD video clip


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2 Replies

  1. ballgagger Jul 23rd 2013

    Nice looking set. Would love to see most all of your models gagged this way. Harness gags especially appreciated.

  2. Pecker. Jul 23rd 2013

    I would love more *on screen gagging* OR that the girl gag herself.
    Ring gag is also nice:)

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