Cobie exposed but protected

Posted on February 18th, 2020

Most girls would be very vulnerable and exposed in a bolero straitjacket. But not Cobie! Well, her boobs are unprotected, but since she is (almost) always locked in a tight chastity belt, she is at least half-protected. Cobie is also wearing a very sturdy face harness, which is padlocked on and does not let much sound through. So how do we know if Cobie is alright in her bondage? Well, that’s easy: Cobie is always fine in bondage!! She actually feels better in bondage than without restraints! True story, you can ask her (on Twitter for example).

112 pictures and a 4:05 mins HD video clip!


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  1. I bet that was very effective in protecting her from masturbation.

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