Muriel – pony training

Posted on September 29th, 2020

Our redhead submissive Muriel is in shape, with her awesome body and long legs. But can she walk in pony boots? She never tried it before, so it is time to see what she can do. It is much harder than it looks, and even standing up from the chair is a challenge. But Muriel manages to get herself from the floor onto the treadmill to walk a bit. She is bitgagged too, which makes her drool a lot. And the huge posture collar restricts her head movements, she can’t turn her head or look down. With a lot of moaning and drooling, Muriel actually did a really good job for the first time!

83 pictures and a 4:12 mins HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set and video clip

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  1. Logann Oct 9th 2020

    Thank you do much for this! You guys are well equipped for some ponygirl and/or bondage predicaments on the treadmill, please do more!

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