Dany – 2 hours of armbag training

Posted on June 24th, 2014

Dany is a fierce struggler. Because she doesn’t like to be restrained in any way. That’s great, because that means there will be something to see when we strap her into an armbag for a while. We tell her there will be no release until she escapes, because that will even motivate her more! We didn’t bring a collar when we visited her, but two tight locking straps will do the trick! Good luck, Dany! It’s only 2 hours!

80 pictures and a 3:45 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb207.zip and video clip bb207avi.zip

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Super tight leather strap bondage for Dany

Posted on August 27th, 2013

For someone who does not like bondage, Dany sure visits us a lot! Maybe she secretly loves getting tied up? Maybe she just likes a challenge? This time she is not getting away easily! We know she is flexible and that’s why we put her in the tightest bondage she has ever been in! Elbows welded together, wrists strapped, body wrapped in a leather harness and an extra tight boob harness for good measure! Now at least we can be sure she will not like bondage in about half an hour… or will she? Dany is a mystery, but she looks incredible in tight belt bondage!

92 pictures and a 3:59 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb164.zip and video clip bb164avi.zip

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Dany did not expect this

Posted on May 7th, 2013

A little posing in leather cuffs, that’s what Dany thought she was going to do. But she did not expect to be restrained and locked at the wrists and shoulders! And that wide strap ballgag! That really made her mad! She was ready to storm out of our building… well, until we frogtied her legs. Dany is probably one of the most fiercesome strugglers we have seen, she must really love her freedom! She is almost scary when struggling in bondage, and that is quite an achievement!

89 pictures and a 4:01 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb148.zip and video clip bb148avi.zip

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Dany gagged for the very first time

Posted on November 27th, 2012

If you love to see videos of girls who can barely handle their first tight ballgag, you will absolutely love this week’s update! Dany is a fierce woman who thoroughly hates being restrained. But with her arms in a tight armbinder, she can not stop us from gagging her with a shiny red ball. And for a first time, we may have made it a little too tight. Dany panicks, trying to lift her head, which drives the ball further into her mouth. She tries to swallow, but she simply can’t. Drool is starting to build up, and soon we are witnessing a crazy blur of leather, boobs, wild hairstyle, and gurgling sounds! Oops, she was really pissed off after this shoot…

89 pictures and a 4:12 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb125.zip and video clip bb125avi.zip

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