Lizzie in posture collar, armbinder, and chastity belt

Posted on July 20th, 2010

One of the most popular glamour models on the internet at the moment, Lizzie came to us for a ‘fetish photo shoot’. She did not expect to be put in a very tall posture collar and an armbinder. In fact, she did not even know what these things were before we put them on her. Lizzie felt completely powerless, and since we are such nice guys we locked her into a leather chastity belt, just to make her feel a little safer. Lizzie is one of the most stunning models you will ever see in leather, and she really knows how to struggle! Very hot!

66 pictures and a 5:03 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set and video clip


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  1. if the images and the movie is on par with those images.
    this page is to be my Favorites,
    love the collar and Chastity belt

  2. I saw an interview with this girl several months ago. I like her personality, and she does a very nice video here. Your videographer however needs to pay a little more attention to detail. Straps flying around are a bit of a distraction (front of her chastity belt), and they don’t flatter the model as should be the case. She’s very pretty and her innocence is quite appealing. Errant straps tend to take away from that.

    If Lizzie remains a model here, I’ll be sure to join in the near future.

  3. I am now a member and seen the movie.
    Everything was perfect! but one thing the Chastity belt was not tight enough.
    Everything must be good and tight, otherwise it looks just silly

    And pleas get Lizzie back for more.

  4. Love this set. Model is perfect – sooo gorgeus and cute.
    One of the nicest collars i has ever seen on a girl – and a perfect fit.
    Love the fact that it is just the girl and the leather – no disturbing jewellery or shoes.
    The belt might be a little loose – but her smile and beauty compensates.
    Great video – good use of closeups.
    But i would love a litlle “backstage” shoots – her getting collard – commenting on the collar or taking it off.

  5. chastity belt Aug 31st 2010

    I think chastity belt is best.

  6. Daniel Nov 17th 2010

    I just joined for her. Lizzie is my favorite model since she started 2007. For me, she is the blueprint for the beauty of female form. I never thought she would do something like this. It’s absolutely stunning and the look on her face and her eyes always makes my heart melt.

  7. Bootlover Mar 19th 2011


  8. She looks great in the tall collar and restraints. Knowing how high and stiff that posture collar must feel, I’m surprised she is able to turn her head to the side as much as she is in certain shots.

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