Angela on the bed, a power struggle in posture collar

Posted on August 3rd, 2010

We strapped the incredible Angela very tight, leather belts around her wrists, elbows, and upper body make sure she is thrust in a rigid pose making her fantastic boobs stick out more. A tall stiff leather posture collar keeps her head up high, locked by two padlocks. As a teaser, we did not lock her frogtie belts, just to see if she would accept the challenge to get at least these belts off. Believe us, she gives all she got in this video! Of course, she is unable to free her arms, body, and neck, but she is so focused on her legs it is really admirable! Go Angela!

92 pictures and a 6:33 minutes HD video clip!


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  1. CaptiveGirl Aug 7th 2010

    I like the wide collar of that, it seems to be very effective and she certainly feels it whole time.

    Locks to finalize an effective whole.
    I also like the fact that the collar is only one O-ring, nothing else, the simple but beautiful.

  2. i like the idea of a bondage website dedicated solely to leather strap and belt bondage. its my favourite form of restraint, very kinky, very sexy, and difficult to find videos of, as everybody is usin either rope or duct tape (which i also like) but u know…sometimes the most simple bondage can be the most effective…woud love to see shoots of just the wrists bound with a belt, to the bed, bound spread eagle, both wrists to the bed head kneeling, standing, hands behind to a post, or pole…and say “get out of that one!” simple yet effective bondage.

  3. love the collar.
    have been waiting for a page with this concept

  4. another fantastic set – such a beauty in that collar is hard to ruin :-)
    fine video – a litlle more “action” as she gets out of some of the bondage – keep it up!!

  5. ratrat Nov 3rd 2010

    perfect snug collar, and very tight bondage. Excellent site!. Is it possible to pull wrists up to the back of the collar. Not too tight though…choking is bad…well, maybe a little bit is ok, *wink* Thanks!

  6. Forestier Aug 30th 2011

    Why in a bedroom?

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