Yvette ring gagged in tight posture collar

Posted on September 13th, 2011

The redheaded lady returns! Yvette is back, with her hair up, which gives us an idea: lock a huge posture collar on her slender neck! Posture collars always look best with the slave’s hair up. For her arms, we have an ingenious device. It is a large leather cuff for both hands. It looks like Yvette can pull her hands out easily, but the elbow straps prevent her from pulling her arms out. Very evil! A tight ring gag is applied to Yvette’s pretty face, and we have to say: it looks hot with the posture collar! Let’s keep her this way!

83 pictures and a 4:01 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb062.zip and video clip bb062avi.zip


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  1. Forestier Sep 13th 2011

    Nice contraption. Could even be installed in front of the body, to emulate a straitjacket. Longer cylinder would be safer against escape.

  2. I totally agree with your comment posture collars looking better when worn with the hair up. That’s true of any kind of high collar worn by a woman – with the hair up, the higher the collar the better. Wearing the hair up creates an air of elegance, not to mention help draw attention to the high collar and emphasize the slender nature of the neck. She seems so tall and slender that it just seems natural for her to be wearing a high posture collar to keep her chin up and head erect. It’s too bad this collar isn’t worn in all of the shoots.

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