Carie in tall posture collar and armbinder

Posted on November 1st, 2011

Dear Carie has been with us since the very start of this website. And she is one of the most eager bondage enthusiasts of all our pet slaves. She lets us strap her down very willingly, and the armbinder is a definite struggle favorite of hers. The thick leather posture collar is not so popular with Carie, it is slightly too tall for her, locking her head into a rigid position, making it hard to breathe normally. That’s quite a challenge when you love struggling as much as Carie does!!

82 pictures and a 4:23 minutes HD video clip!


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  1. Looks like this may be the first time she has worn a high posture collar, so it’s understandable that it’s not so popular with her on a first wearing. A good posture collar like this takes some practice and getting used to – it’s not nearly as easy as that short “posture collar” worn in her last shoot (it’s not right to call that one a posture collar). This collar does not look too tall for her at all – it is supposed to be high and rigid and hold her head in position. I can understand the desire to want to fight it, but you will quickly learn that struggling will make the bondage feel uncomfortable to the point of making you think that it’s difficult to breath. Simple solution… settle down, keep your chin up, relax, and accept the restraints. And practice by wearing this collar more often.

  2. nice girl and nice gear

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