New pet slave Inga tries our ballet boots

Posted on November 8th, 2011

Young Inga is our newest recruit. She is very shy and afraid of bondage, so we decide to give her a ballet boot training first. We lock a small posture collar on her slender neck and lock her wrists in leather cuffs. She looks like a perfect pet slave already! In the towering ballet heels, she tries to stand up and walk around the chair. It is a hard task for Inga, but she is not giving up easily. The ballet heels hurt her toes, ankles, and calves, and she does not like it at all! Even so, she is dedicated to make progress on this website. She will be back, and next time it will be bondage for this tiny girl! Any suggestions? ;-)

104 pictures and a 4:05 minutes HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set and video clip


4 Replies

  1. RRFrope Nov 8th 2011

    Love armbinders. I would like to see a video with other model attaching her an armbinder. If she dares of course

  2. DarrenPaul Nov 9th 2011

    woud like to see a video of her strapped to the bed or to a post hands behind her back…simple, yet effective bondage

  3. RG Smith Oct 3rd 2012

    hogtie please!!! elbows tight bethind her back :-)

  4. horace May 15th 2013

    I like to see a photo of her handcuffed around a pole

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