Natalia Forrest in the box tie armbinder again!

Posted on June 2nd, 2020

Since Natalia Forrest hated this restraint so much last time, we just strapped her in it again! She was already super angry about her recent predicament, and now she is ready to explode! We think it is just so funny to restrain her, she is a spoiled brat, and she is not used to being treated like this. We even blindfolded her, but she soon manages to get the blindfold off, ruining her hair style, which makes her even more upset! Stand back, it’s Natalia Forrest again!!

108 pictures and a 5:03 mins HD video clip!


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  1. Tengu Raven Jul 26th 2020

    If you want that her REALLY exploded… you would better to gag her in the end! ;-)

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