Darina Nikitina – stocks and clamps

Posted on June 1st, 2021

As soon as I locked Darina in the heavy stocks, she said it was very challenging but FUN! Until I attached the stocks to her ankles with chains that were too short for her to stand up straight. Bent over, Darina was already having a lot of trouble balancing in her high heels. I chained the stocks to the ceiling to create a proper pillory. This made Darina stand in a perfect pose: ass back, boobs hanging down. It was only logical to clamp her nipples! Darina couldn’t reach the clamps, which was very frustrating, as she danced and turned around, bent over in her pillory pose. Darina is so much fun to shoot with!!

106 pictures and a 4:14 mins HD video clip!


Member downloads: picture set bb569.zip and video clip bb569avi.zip

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  1. harddriver Jun 1st 2021

    Darina is the worlds most beautiful, talented and delightful bdsm model. She seems to delight in creating all men’s fantasies!!

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