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Leyla strapped down and gagged

Posted on December 28th, 2010

Why do girls return for another shoot after their first bondage experience here at Maybe they all have their own reasons, but they are certainly curious what else can be done to them. When Leyla came back, she was wearing a little anklet with a key charm on it (you can see it in the pictures). She got it after her first shoot with us. That tells a lot about the impression it made to be bound and gagged. Apparently she liked it a lot, so we completely strapped her down this time. Body harness, double locking wrist cuffs, elbow strap, knee strap, and ankle strap. A tight ballgag completes Leyla’s bondage. She is going nowhere fast, but she sure likes to struggle!!

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Jenni locked into a catsuit

Posted on December 21st, 2010

Can it get better than this? The infamous Jenni C in a tight catsuit with a locked leather chastity belt on top! Some ballet boots to complete this very hot look, and we think this scene does not even need additional bondage. It’s just Jenni in a catsuit! The ultimate fantasy plaything. Jenni loves this kind of stuff, she says she likes the tightness of catsuits, the feeling of her skin being totally enclosed. She is visibly enjoying herself, although she does not like her ballet boots very much. With no bondage to stop her, she decides to be naughty and take them off, to give her pretty little feet some air.

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Mei-Li in ballet boots, elbow bondage, locking mitts, and tight ballgag

Posted on December 14th, 2010

This time Mei-Li was prepared! She was really looking forward to this bondage session, she even wore little red balls for earrings, to match the tight red gag she would have to endure later in the shoot. It turns out Mei-Li can not keep her balance very well in ballet boots, she needs more practice first. She we sat her down, strapped her elbows behind her back, locked bondage gloves on her hands, and added a shiny red gag. How cute is this! And Mei-Li wants more! She wants to become the most famous Asian bondage model on the web! Let’s teach her some more stuff next time!

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Yasmine likes collars, hates armbinders

Posted on December 7th, 2010

Seeing all the other glamour models try our bondage shoots, the lovely (and shy) Yasmine emailed us if she could do a test shoot with just a collar. Unfortunately, we don’t do test shoots. It’s a bondage website, so there has to be some restraining… or preferably a lot! We locked a big leather collar onto Yasmine’s beautiful neck, and it really transformed her. It was like she had been waiting to be collared for years! She just loved it so much. Then came the armbinder. She even panicked a bit, especially when we found out her elbows go together really close behind her back. So there you have it, a perfect face (and boobs!), hating and loving her predicament. We know she will be back!

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