Harness ballgag, straitjacket, and ballet boots

Posted on November 4th, 2014

Tiny Melissa has never been in a proper size straitjacket and ballet shoes for any other website than ours. She is so small, it is hard to find bondage gear in her size. Fortunately, we have plenty of XS restraints and even shoes! We even have a harness ballgag that is not too huge for her small mouth! No excuses for Melissa today, she is going to be fully restrained in leather, and she will be in it for a while! Don’t miss this awesome update!

103 pictures and a 4:11 minutes HD video clip!

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Jenni and Melissa in leather arm bags

Posted on January 28th, 2014

Two beautiful girls in special box tie armbinders! That’s what’s going on this week! There’s no escape for these collared slave girls, and to have a little more fun we use a large leather strap around their waists to keep them tied together! The result is pretty funny, because Jenni is taller than Melissa, and they have to figure out a way to keep their balance without pulling over the other girl. But Melissa is so tiny, she might be able to escape! And if she does, she will surely let Jenni out too! Can they do it?

91 pictures and a 2:48 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb186.zip and video clip bb186avi.zip

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Tiffany, Melissa, and Brittany – armbinder trio

Posted on November 5th, 2013

Three of our most lovely models in 1 update! Topless, collared, and in armbinders! Blonde Tiffany and dark haired Melissa in straight classic armbinders, and blonde Brittany in an arm bag! If you have always wanted to witness a big pile of hot girls in armbinders wriggling around on a bed, this is the one to watch! They are trying to help each other escape, but all they are achieving is making themselves very tired. Good thing they are on a bed! We love gorgeous girls in thick leather collars struggling around! We hope you will love this one too!

96 pictures and a 04:15 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb174.zip and video clip bb174avi.zip

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Melissa’s armbinder battle

Posted on July 2nd, 2013

Collared like the leather pet slave she is, Melissa looks gorgeous! Just add a tiny body harness and a leather armbinder, and Melissa will be busy for the afternoon. She loves to try to escape her bonds, but at the same time she is very much into being tied up, which earned her the nickname ‘Submissa’. She is one of the greatest pets to have around, always entertaining to watch, tiny and perfect! Melissa is bondage cuteness! Watching her struggling around in her armbinder, we just want to forget about the world’s troubles, and spend an afternoon indoors with our very own Submissa!

101 pictures and a 4:02 minutes HD video clip!

Member downloads: picture set bb156.zip and video clip bb156avi.zip

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Melissa harness gagged!

Posted on March 6th, 2012

Beautiful Melissa is standing tall in her thigh high latex boots! We elbow cuff her and then we cuff her wrists, so she can not stretch her arms. She keeps her arms neatly folded behind her back, like a good slave should. Melissa is pretty well trained by now, but she needs some gag practise. She has a small mouth, but we manage to strap a nice red harness ballgag onto her head, a stunning sight! Like with most pet slaves, a harness ballgag instantly makes Melissa very obedient, as if she suddenly realises she is powerless. Blinking her eyes towards the camera, Melissa can only wait until we decide her gag training is over.
On-screen gagging in the video!!

97 pictures and a 3:52 minutes HD video clip!

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Melissa strapped and ring gagged

Posted on January 18th, 2011

Poor Melissa is the victim to our next experiment: tight strapping. A body harness brings out Melissa’s great figure, and a locking collar put her into her place. But it isn’t until the locking straps go on that she is realising where this shoot is going. Elbows strapped, wrists strapped, knees strapped, ankles strapped… We want to live up to the name BeltBound and give this well-know glamour model a struggling challenge she will never forget. But wait, one thing is still missing: a face strap! A very very tight ring gag will make sure Melissa drools nicely during her epic struggle. A must see video!!

88 pictures and a 5:33 minutes HD video clip!

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Melissa in armbinder and posture spike collar

Posted on October 19th, 2010

Poor Melissa is the first to test our new collar. Since everyone liked her so much in her last shoot, she was invited back for more leather bondage. Her last shoot was pretty easy, posing like a hot glamour model in ballet boots. But this time we have an annoying surprise for her: a posture collar with an adjustable chin spike! See Melissa’s head tilt back in fear of the spike. It’s not an adjustable collar, Melissa is now adjustable herself! We can tilt her head all the way back, making her keep a good straight posture for us. Melissa definitely does not want her chin to touch the spike, fear is in her eyes. We love this new toy! And the collar too ;-)

65 pictures and a 4:17 minutes HD video clip!

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Melissa in chastity belt, posture collar, and ballet boots

Posted on August 31st, 2010

Melissa!! This cute little slave girl is collared and belted for the very first time in her life! She does not really like the tall posture collar, but it is (double) padlocked onto her small neck. The solid leather chastity belt also uses two padlocks to secure it. But the real challenge today is Melissa’s ballet boots! She tries to stand in them for the very first time in our video. A must-see if you love ballet boot practice! Melissa is a little unstable, but she does very well! She is such an obedient little slave that we will not ask her to come back to BeltBound.com, we will just order her :) She will come back, definitely! Please use the comments below to suggest Melissa’s next torment!

87 pictures and a 4:15 minutes HD video clip!

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